Welcome to BTS-MATS!

Birmingham Theological Seminary (BTS) is pleased to offer an online Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS) via this website to students who have earned the BTS Certificate in Christian Ministry and who qualify for admission into the MATS program..

The Master of Arts in Theological Studies is offered by Birmingham Theological Seminary only via this website and is intended to further equip pastors and other church leaders to effectively serve Christ’s church and the community. This is a challenging course of study, and prospective students should not apply if they are unable to handle the rigors of graduate-level research, writing and study.

Detailed information on academic and other requirements is available in the MATS Student Handbook.

We're happy to answer your questions. Please send us an email at contact@bts.education.

MATS Student Handbook »

The MATS curriculum contains the following ten required courses:

Five Video/Audio structured courses:

  • Communications (2 credits – must be taken first)

  • Introduction to Biblical Counseling (2 credits)

  • Introduction to Apologetics (2 credits)

  • Church History (2 credits)

  • Leadership Development & Deployment (2 credits)

Five independent study courses which supplement the CCM content:

  • Old Testament (6 credits)

  • New Testament (6 credits)

  • Systematic Theology (6 credits)

  • Ethics (6 credits)

  • Bible Interpretation (6 credits)

The specific requirements for each course are set forth in the syllabus for that course. Academic credits earned in the MATS program may not be transferred to or applied to any other certificate or degree offered by BTS without permission. Greater detail on academic and other requirements is available in the MATS Student Handbook.

MATS Student Handbook »

Upon admission, MATS students are required to identify an individual to serve as their mentor throughout their time in the MATS program. Ideally, the mentor will be an individual in a position of leadership in the student’s church, such as a pastor or officer. In general, the mentor should provide the student with counsel, accountability and guidance and should meet with the student at least monthly. In addition, the mentor serves as a proctor for all MATS exams and certifies that the student has completed the exam without external assistance or reference to books or notes.

Individuals should not agree serve as a mentor unless they first prayerfully consider their availability and willingness to make a substantial investment of time and energy in the life of the student. If a mentor is no longer able to serve in that role, the student should identify a substitute mentor and have that person complete and submit a new Mentor Application. Family members and individuals who work under the authority of a student may not serve as the student’s mentor.

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Unlike the CCM, the MATS program is not free. At present, the application fee is $200 (U.S.) and the enrollment fee due upon admission is $400. The tuition for each course is $200 plus a $50 administration fee, regardless of the number of credit hours awarded, and the graduation fee is $100.

Students must purchase their own textbooks, which should be widely available as e-books. Also, students are required to purchase and use the Logos Bible software for research. Logos should be purchased directly from logos.com.

BTS intends to maintain tuition and fee levels at these levels, but cannot guarantee fees and tuition levels will never increase. Scholarships and grants are not available.